Bolted tanks and Bio-Gas holder tanks

In the past, light bolted tanks have been built with our standard system. The jobs went well but our customers told us the system was too powerful and had a tendency to flex the thin shell plates.

As a result of a recent contact with one of our existing customers we decided to take the plunge and created a whole new hydraulic system with much lower power. We came up with the BW-4. This is a 4 ton cylinder with a slightly shorter stroke than the standard cylinders. The steel work was also made more manageable so that we do not waste effort setting up a jack designed to lift a 3m plate when only 1.2m was required.

The system can be used with our standard grip jaw or our base repair set up and on any of our standard trestles. This presented a whole set of challenges to our cylinder manufacturer as the piston diameter and thread sizes have to be compatible with existing equipment.

Fortune favoured the brave and we picked up two projects, one with an existing customer and one with a new one. It was decided that each should try out different configurations on the basis that if they saw a possible improvement we could make they would tell us about it, and if they didn’t like it they would not have to pay for it! Both decided to take the challenge. Both configurations worked well. Each customer was able to do a complete lift, plate installation and jack reset in the day. And we got paid!!

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